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For the past twenty-four years PCES has been the best place to learn to use computer software. The reasons are simple and the results are impressive. We limit our classes to six people. We put a knowledgeable, well prepared instructor in the room with them. We immerse them in the program for the day with a well-planned series of hands-on exercises. These exercises are designed to turn the concepts and features of the software into an ability to work productively with today’s state-of-the-art desktop applications. By the end of the day each participant in our class will have had as much as 20% more material presented in greater depth than any other training available. They will also have a well organized course manual which also serves as a first rate reference guide. This is the way computer training becomes computer expertise.

This web site was created to give you all the information you need to find the course for which you are looking. You can see a detailed outline of the course session, its price and the dates it will be taught. The maps on this site are designed to give you easy to follow directions and parking information for our training facility, and can be printed out to take with you.

We invite you to read more about how we make certain that you understand how to use the business tools you need to function competitively in today's workplace by clicking here, or on any of the "A little more about us" links.

This site will provide you with detailed course outlines, pricing information, monthly calendars of classes and directions to our training facility. Just click here, or on any of the "List of Classes and Course Descriptions" links and/or the "Calendar of Classes" links for the information you need.

You will find a map and written directions to our training location in Glendale by clicking here, or on any of the "Directions to our Training Facilities" links.

You can enroll in the classes you want by clicking here, or on any of the "Enroll in a class" links.

You can click on any of the e-mail links or here, to send us e-mail.


ValueStar Certified / Rated Very High in Customer Satisfaction *
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* Based on an independent survey of our students, PCES was awarded the highest possible customer satisfaction rating. We were the only computer training company to receive this distinction. PCES is "The best computer training... anywhere".

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